What is it?

Brand identity is defined as the proprietary visual, emotional, rational, and cultural image that one associates with a company, service, or a product. It is the distinction of how the leading brands in your industry creatively position themselves ahead of everyone else. Brand identity includes names, logos, positioning, associations, and personality. Your brand identity is the public image of your product, line, or service. It is a visual connector between your company and your individual customer. A company's brand awareness in the public is often used in evaluating a company.

Why is it important?

Your branding strategy lies at the heart of your customer contact activities. Initially, it should be the core of your investor and public relations, sales, customer service, website design and initial advertising.

Later, when budgets allow, your branding strategy becomes the foundation for larger marketing solutions such as multimedia advertising, direct mail, trade shows and expanded customer relations activities.

How we can help ?

We review all of your marketing, sales and promotional materials and devise a cohesive system that simplifies marketing and communications while building your brand. With marketing and communications, your goal is to make sure everything that leaves your company is consistent.